Welcome all, inspire greatness and spread kindness.

It is Forza’s utmost goal to enrich the lives of as many others as possible, by giving back to them the power of emotional and physical wellness. We achieve this through our dynamic community, unconventional workouts, engaging workshops and outreach programs; each filled to the brim with laughter, strength, gratitude and camaraderie.

We imagine the confidence achieved in overcoming struggle together transcending our walls and spilling out into the streets of Durham.

At Forza, everyone is welcome for exactly as they are, and we'll strive diligently to help all achieve their best version of themselves. This company exudes a culture that will stand tall as a beacon of unwavering support and provide a healthy, satisfying release from the hardships of life. 

Our passion for the betterment of humanity far exceeds the reach of a good workout. It is our steadfast belief to go beyond building strong bodies but to additionally fortify minds and strengthen souls.